Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting started

    • How to start?

    • Which computer (Mac, PC, Laptop) is OK for this course?

    • Important installations (install before the course)

  • 2

    Make your own version of legendary PacMan game with powerful C#

    • Coding and designing PacMan game environment

    • Coding keyboard WASD controller and movement logic

    • Coding animation, frame rates and timers

    • Score logic and beta release

  • 3

    What is next?

    • What is next?

Course tutor

Coding Instructor

Elchin CSharp

Graduated from Stockholm University and has more than 15 years of experience in international companies like General Electric (USA), Citadele (Latvia, USA). Over 15 years of teaching experience, currently teaching at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Swiss Business School / Banking School and Datorium. Has solid background in C#, R, SQL, DAX, m, PowerBI and VBA. Elchin is consulting and training company staff on data automation, business intelligence and IT solution implementation. He is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian, Azerbaijan and good in other languages.

What our customers say?

Excellent tutors

by Vita Zaļkalna

I'm glad that my young son attends Datorium where he started to realize what coding is all about. He is even considering coding as a profession in the future. He likes the tutor and so enjoys Datorium lessons.

My daughter likes Datorium lessons

by Sanita Koklīte-Ādmine

Our daughter is good at coding and despite the stereotype that it is still a male profession, we have decided to pursue further education in this area. Daughter is happy with Datorium lessons.

Students do not play at Datorium

by Arnis Heinrihsons

We like that the tutor is explaining in the language of youth! Students do not play at Datorium, but develop quite serious applications.

Datorium lessons are engaging!

by Signe Rostoka

My teen has an in-depth interest in programming. I support it because I believe that programming lessons develop logical thinking as well. My son says - Datorium lessons are engaging!

Lessons are by professional programmers

by Kristina Sunepa

My son Maxim, 17, is excited that Datorium lessons are run by professional programmers with serious experience. The classes are very practical and the tutors encourage and motivate the young students.

Explains in simple language

by Emīls(14)

At Datorium I learn coding for the first year. It is fun and the tutor explains in simple language things that seem very complicated. But then doing that all together and everything works!

Regardless of profession

by Marine Krasovska

I am convinced that the knowledge and skills acquired at the European Coding School Datorium will help my son in the future, regardless of his profession.

Individual explanations

by Māra Gaila-Gailīte

I really like that my teen is happy with the tutor, who is able to teach interestingly and explain individually if they do not understand something. Thank you for the time you spend with my son!

Impressive progress

by Natalia Laschova

Progress over a few months is impressive thanks to a serious curriculum and tutor experience. I like that my son enjoys Datorium lessons.

Excellent choice

by Solveiga Tetere

Before choosing a course, my daughter (17 years) considered various options and Datorium was the only attractive one for her age group. It is very likely that coding will be her future profession as well.

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