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No need to spend time on commuting. Just be where you are and connect to the best instructors and learn by doing together. Make errors, experiment, have fun and create your own applications. During 4 exciting months, you will develop 8 self-made applications, learn popular C# language fundamentals and launch your successful future!

  • Live lessons, with live instructor and Discord server for live chat and questions

  • Code like professionals do. Use number 1 app development environment Visual Studio

  • Accomplish the course and get you valuable certificate and portfolio of self-made applications

  • 4 months, 2 times per week, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5 p.m. sharp, total 32 hours of live lessons and 16 hours of online consultations.

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Course curriculum

  • 3

    Color Mixer

    • April 22, 17:00 (EET) - Designing color mixer app
    • April 22 - Video recording
    • April 25, 17:00 (EET) - Working with pixels and RGB coding
    • April 25 - Video recording
    • April 29, 17:00 (EET) - Adding slider controls
    • April 29 - Video recording
    • May 2, 17:00 (EET) - Finalizing and releasing the Color Mixer app
    • May 02 - Video recording
  • 4


    • May 6, 17:00 - Designing and coding number pad
    • May 6 - Video recording
    • May 09, 17:00 - Coding strings
    • May 9 - Video recording
    • May 13, 17:00 - Coring operations
    • May 13 - Video recording
    • May 16, 17:00 - Improving and releasing the Calculator app
    • May 16 - Video recording
  • 5

    Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    • May 20 - Designing tic-tac-toe app
    • May 20 - Video recording (please read important message)
    • May 23 - Win, Draw and Score logic
    • May 23 - Video recording
    • May 27 - Adding sounds
    • May 27 - Video recording
    • May 30 - Enhancing and releasing the application
    • May 30 - Video recording
  • 6

    June 3 - June 10 | Traffic Lights

    • June 3 - Designing and coding Traffic Lights app
    • June 3 - Video recording
    • June 6 - Coding logic and user interface
    • June 6 - Video recording
    • June 10 - Finalizing and releasing Traffic Lights app
    • June 10 - Video recording
  • 7

    June 13 - June 25 | Console app

    • June 13 - Making our fist console app
    • June 17 - Developing console app
    • June 20, 16:00 - Making banking application
    • June 25, 14:00 - Finalizing banking application
  • 8

    June 27 - July 4 | Puzzle 15

    • June 27, 16:00 - Designing Puzzle 15
    • July 1, 16:00 - Coding location swapping
    • July 4, 16:00 - Adding animation, sounds, menu and releasing the app
  • 9

    July 8 - July 18 | Snake Game

    • July 8, 16:00 - Designing the App architecture and Creating Classes
    • July 11, 16:00 - Enhancing snake class, implementing dynamic timer
    • July 15, 16:00 - Adding snake movement and controls
    • July 18, 16:00 - Adding colliders, score system and releasing the app
  • 10

    July 22-29 | Browser

    • July 22, 16:00 - NuGet package manager and cloning Chromium browser
    • July 25, 16:00 - Working with CefSharp component, coding custom browser
    • July 29, 16:00 - Adding and controlling tabs, working with multiple browser instances
  • 11

    August 6-8 | Image Gallery

    • August 6, 16:00 - Loading images from a folder
    • August 8, 16:00 - Choosing custom folder and working with images
    • August 12, 16:00 - Adding drag and drop feature
  • 12

    August 15-26 | Pac-Man Elements

    • August 15, 16:00 - Controlling Pac-Man with keyboard
    • August 19, 16:00 - Collision fundamentals
    • August 24, 16:00 - Food and Enemy logic
    • August 26, 16:00 - Scoring and scoring animation
  • 13


    • September 5, 16:00 - C# SQL introduction

Start on April 22, 2020

Live lessons are held online two times per week for four months, until end of August 2020. Do not miss, we start soon!

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Course tutor

Elchin CSharp

Coding Instructor

Elchin CSharp

Graduated from Stockholm University and has more than 15 years of experience in international companies like General Electric (USA), Citadele (Latvia, USA). Over 15 years of teaching experience, currently teaching at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Swiss Business School / Banking School and Datorium. Has solid background in C#, R, SQL, DAX, m, PowerBI and VBA. Elchin is consulting and training company staff on data automation, business intelligence and IT solution implementation. He is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian, Azerbaijan and good in other languages.

European Coding School


We were awarded Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission signed by Dr. Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT (Directorate General of Communication, Networks, Content and Technology) for training and creating awareness of more than 2000 students during EU Coding Week!


  • Will lessons be live or recorded?

    The lessons will be delivered in real-time by the live tutor and allow the participant to ask questions and get answers, as well as receive online consultation. Also after each lesson registered students will have access to videos recordings of that and all previous lessons. Video recordings will be available for 1 year from the first curse enrollment.

  • Do you provide discounts?

    Yes! You get 50% off from the first monthly payment if yo have special coupon provided in our other courses. Or you can get 17% off from the whole course price if you make one-time payment. In all cases you have 100% money back guarantee, if you change your mind during the first 2 weeks (first 4 lessons)!

  • Which apps will be created during the course?

    Each participant will create 8 fully functional Windows applications during the course: 1. Calculator 2. Dice roller 3. Traffic lights 4. Color Mixer 5. Puzzle Fifteen 6. Tic-Tac-Toe 7. Photo Gallery 8. Pacman Game Elements

  • What will participant learn?

    Lot of! Because the applications created during the course will motivate participants to learn conceptual topics as well. In this course we will learn: Application development and design in Visual Studio 2019 (solution explorer, design mode, properties panel, project resources); Objects and classes (classes and instances in object-oriented programming); Object properties and methods (properties, events, event handling); Variables, types of variables and their application (int, bouble, string, bool); Random object generator and its application (Random object, Next () method); Methods, functions, construction and application (private / public, void); Logical structures and operations (if, else if, switch, and, or); Loops and iterators (for, while, foreach); Timers and their applications; Keyboard controllers (wasd and up-down-right-left); Coding screen colors (RGB color code); Dynamic object creation and processing (new, EventHandler)

  • What is C# language?

    C # is a modern programming language that includes the best of C ++ and Java. Today it is one of the most powerful, most used and fast-growing programming languages. Using C# one can develop Windows, Mac, Linux applications, build powerful mobile applications, and C# is the native programming language of Unity engine. More information on language ratings can be found here: and

  • Will you issue a certificate?

    Yes, indeed, if participant follows at least 80% of the curriculum, and performs a test at the end of the course. Certificate will be issued by the "European Coding School" - an official Education Institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia.

Discounts and 100% money back guarantee

You can pay monthly or choose one time payment and save 17%! In all cases 100% money back guarantee, if you change your mind during the first 2 weeks (first 4 lessons)

What our customers say?

by Vita Zaļkalna

Excellent tutors

by Vita Zaļkalna

I'm glad that my young son attends Datorium where he started to realize what coding is all about. He is even considering coding as a profession in the future. He likes the tutor and so enjoys Datorium lessons.
by Sanita Koklīte-Ādmine

My daughter likes Datorium lessons

by Sanita Koklīte-Ādmine

Our daughter is good at coding and despite the stereotype that it is still a male profession, we have decided to pursue further education in this area. Daughter is happy with Datorium lessons.
by Arnis Heinrihsons

Students do not play at Datorium

by Arnis Heinrihsons

We like that the tutor is explaining in the language of youth! Students do not play at Datorium, but develop quite serious applications.
by Signe Rostoka

Datorium lessons are engaging!

by Signe Rostoka

My teen has an in-depth interest in programming. I support it because I believe that programming lessons develop logical thinking as well. My son says - Datorium lessons are engaging!
by Kristina Sunepa

Lessons are by professional programmers

by Kristina Sunepa

My son Maxim, 17, is excited that Datorium lessons are run by professional programmers with serious experience. The classes are very practical and the tutors encourage and motivate the young students.
by Emīls(14)

Explains in simple language

by Emīls(14)

At Datorium I learn coding for the first year. It is fun and the tutor explains in simple language things that seem very complicated. But then doing that all together and everything works!
by Marine Krasovska

Regardless of profession

by Marine Krasovska

I am convinced that the knowledge and skills acquired at the European Coding School Datorium will help my son in the future, regardless of his profession.
by Māra Gaila-Gailīte

Individual explanations

by Māra Gaila-Gailīte

I really like that my teen is happy with the tutor, who is able to teach interestingly and explain individually if they do not understand something. Thank you for the time you spend with my son!
by Natalia Laschova

Impressive progress

by Natalia Laschova

Progress over a few months is impressive thanks to a serious curriculum and tutor experience. I like that my son enjoys Datorium lessons.
by Solveiga Tetere

Excellent choice

by Solveiga Tetere

Before choosing a course, my daughter (17 years) considered various options and Datorium was the only attractive one for her age group. It is very likely that coding will be her future profession as well.

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